My Pricing

Freelance content writing service rates vary considerably, depending on the writer and the project. I try to keep things as simple as possible to avoid any confusion about my rates. To this end, I have a web content writing package and for everything else, I have a word based rate. When you hire me I will ensure that you know the costs upfront.


Please fill in the contact form and email detailed requirements to me so that I provide you with a quote. Please be assured that my rates are reasonable and I am open to negotiation.


Why Choose To Work With Me?


I go the extra mile to capture my client’s voice. I don’t mass produce content. I use my skills and experience to ensure that copy is unique to you and encapsulates your company values and ethos.

I am an online business owner myself. I know well-written content alone won’t make your business flourish. You need to position yourself correctly in the market and connect with potential clients, I can help you achieve this by producing unique copy that appeals to your market.

I have your back. I know how important your reputation is to you and your business, and I ensure that my copy always reflects who and what you are.

Working with me is a breeze. I’m reliable, committed and have a good work ethic. I always strive to meet my deadlines but I don’t do a rush job. I take pride in my work and strive to consistently produce content that you will be proud to have on your website.


Ready To Talk About Your Project?
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