About Me

This Is Me


I am a committed and professional freelance content writer based in York, UK. After finishing my master´s in Literature at the University of Leeds, I have dedicated myself full-time to my passion: words.
For me, writing is a never-ending process of learning and improving. Obtaining my Masters was only the first step of my journey and since 2012 I have committed myself to a freelance career, specializing in website copywriting, blog content writing services, and SEO content strategy. Over the years I have worked for many clients in a wide variety of fields and this has given me the opportunity to hone my skills.


My Team

I work closely with a team of exceptional freelance content writers. All these individuals are professional writers who have experience in web copy, blog content writing and SEO content strategies. Working with a team means that I can always offer my clients a complete content writing service that lives up to their expectations. This enables me to take on bulk orders and meet deadlines without compromising on quality. When you decide to work with me, and my team, you know that you have access to great freelance content writers who are committed to meeting your deadlines and delivering the quality of work that you expect.


My Work Environment

I currently work from a small personal office. I have chosen not to work in a communal office or creative hub because having my own space eliminates distractions and allows me to concentrate exclusively on my work. My own space also means that I am available to my clients at all times, for long or short discussions, especially during the early stages of our collaboration.


Me in a Nutshell

♥ I am an unashamed coffee snob and chocoholic.

♥ Dancing is my passion and preferred form of exercise. Belly dancing lessons give me a fantastic workout and the glittery costumes are awesome!

♥ I love animals and do house- and pet-sitting as a sideline. It is always an interesting experience and I think I should write a book entitled “Misadventures of a Housesitter”.

♥ Travel is another of my passions and I’ve been to:

o USA – New York, Washington DC, Niles (Michigan), Chicago, Dallas, West Palm Beach (Florida), San Antonio and even hopped over the border to Mexico.

o Europe – Luxembourg, Brussels, Bruges, Oostende, Stuttgart, Berlin, Bavaria, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

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